glH - current version 0.4 (2005-06-02)


glH is an entirely free first-person shoot that takes some ideas from RPG games.

glH is known to work under GNU/Linux, *BSD, Darwin, Windows(w32). It's tested under x86 and ppc.

The current state of glh is just "navegable", the network engine would work fine, but needs some rewrite for the graphic engine. This is the latest "ugly" release. >0.5 will be more fine-grained releases fixing the bugs found at current release. mainh and glhi must be rewritten using gtk2.

About hardware requeriments...a 3D graphics card and at least 128MB of RAM. nvidia is known to work better on GNU/Linux. About cpu...well i'm coding on a p4m1.7 and works fine. But not tested on worst machines.
Tracking CVS:

To track -current version of glH you'll need to fetch't from the CVS repository. To do this just type this:
$ export
$ export CVS_RSH=ssh
$ cvs co glh
password: AnonCvs
The above commands are only required in the first fetch, the next times just chdir to glh/ and type:
$ cvs -q up -dP


The 0.4 version and next ones is ported to ACR. This means that the build is like all GNU software:
$ ./configure --prefix=/usr
$ make
$ make install
An interesting feature of ACR is the --report flag that shows a little report of the package:
$ ./configure --report
PKGNAME:   glh
VERSION:   0.4
LANGS:     c c++
REQUIRED:  libSDL libSDL_image
OPTIONAL:  libSDL_mixer
FLAGS:     --without-sound --enable-debug
It's easy to need libSDL and libSDL_image, if you want sound support also install libSDL_mixer. Note that if you use debian you'll need to install the -dev packages.
Main menu

Choose your character

2nd floor
near door

trace curve

are you sure?


0.4 - 2005-06-02
        - add AreYouSure
        - new MainMenu design
        - add ChooseBody background
        - add mouse cursor texture shapes
        - change rows
        - fix for particle colors.
        - add camera rotation thru the trace curve
        - add missing fclose() .. grrr
        - use null->realloc instead of malloc->realloc.
        - allow to draw the trace curve
        - add menus and mouse to AreYouSure
        - cleanup mdh2bin2 of warnings
        - acr configure enhacements
        - add launcher
        - also install glh-auth program
        - particles parallel to the screen
        - drop all -Wall warnings
        - fix type declaration for Interface
        - solve bof on Traces algo.
        - fix some valgrind warnings
        - draw Sky using TGAloader functions. (drop texture struct)
        - sky drawing handled by Sky class instead of Render
        - sky destructor added
        - add traces into maps (Stage class)
        - implement blending functions (Traces class)
        - add Camera angle by vector instead of yawH/yawV
        - lot of memory leaks fixups
        - port to ACR
        - fix rotation angle into engineh instead of ase2car
        - add AreYouSure class to handle  in Game
        - integrate Menu into choosebody
        - integrate PAH into MPH
        - support for PAH files (particlesystems)
        - add class Menu to handle buttons in menus.
        - add mouse in MainMenu
        - changes into drawImage for menu backgrounds.
        - add support for different shapes for particles.
        - reduce particle system memory by moving code to PS.
        - integrate Particles into Maps
        - add BASE and WIND to particle system.
        - add Particle system.
        - port to linux-ppc
        - fix for ATI (memdups img surface)
        - fixes for endiannes (arch:ppc)
        - port to darwin (MacOS-X)


This section is used to give information to the people interested in hacking the GLH code, fixing bugs, optimizing algos, etc.

Old Stuff: